Registration Assistance

If you should have any further questions that the cannot be answered here, the School of Information Technology Administrative Group will be happy to answer your questions

Registration & Tuition Fees

Specific details of how to use Carleton Central are found in the Registration Instructions Booklet and on the Registration website. Visit the Registration Web site often, as information and instructions will be updated regularly. For assistance, contact the Registrar's Office at Carleton University.

Tuition and incidental fees for all BIT programs are approved by the Carleton Board of Governors and are paid to Carleton University.


Undergraduate Program Advisor

Students requiring academic assistance that relates to course selection, registration issues, and choice of electives, should contact CSIT Undergraduate Advising.

Block Registration – 1st Year Only

Many of your courses have been preselected for you. Each course CRN should appear in the Add Class table at the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page in Carleton Central. To register, simply click the submit button. You should not delete or substitute any of the CRNs that are preselected for you without consulting with the School of Information Technology. Changes to your block will only be considered towards the end of Registration.

  • IMD & NET Students need to register in Arts & Humanities Elective(s); (0.5 credit for NET, and 1.0 credit for IMD) choose a topic that fits your interests and doesn't conflict with other core subjects in your timetable. The elective can be any course in the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, or Public Affairs. Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar, make sure you read the descriptions and check the prerequisites before registration
  • IRM students need to select a Minor (a secondary concentration of courses in an area that interests you). This requires the completion of 4.0 credits in the Minor subject area. In 1st year you should be selecting a 1.0 credit course or two 0.5 credit courses that will count towards this Minor. For more information and the selection of minors, please click here. Academic advice pertaining to the Minor is handled by the department offering the Minor. Once you have decided on your Minor Admissions can help you add it; please remember registration closes the middle of September. To add a Minor after this time you will need to do a "Change of Program Elements" online through Carleton Central. If you are not able to add the Minor of your choice this year (some Minors require 2nd year standing & a CGPA of at least 7.0) or courses in your Minor are creating a timetable conflict with your BIT/IRM courses, you can take the 1 full credit French Language requirement instead (two 0.5 credit courses or 1 full credit in an appropriate level of a French language course based on your current understanding of the French language). Please visit this website for more information about the required online placement test. If you are francophone, you can take courses numbered FREN 2200 or higher

Block Registration will automatically register you in a course and section (sections are denoted by letters: A, B, etc.); you only need to be registered in one section of an offered course (e.g. IMD1001A or IMD1001B) not both.

Under the rare case where a required BIT course doesn't have space according to the registration system, you should register for all courses that allow and submit an override request for the remainder (see below for instructions). All BIT students are guaranteed a spot in BIT Courses

Fall/Winter Registration

We strongly advise students to register for both their Fall and Winter courses as soon as possible (regardless of year) in order to avoid external courses being unavailable and to help with School planning

Registration Error - Timetable Conflicts

University policy prohibits students from registering in a course that overlaps the period of another course. Exceptions may only be made for students in their final year at Carleton who otherwise would have their graduation delayed. These exceptions are subject to the approval of the Associate Dean of Engineering provided an appropriate accommodation plan has been arranged with the instructors involved. This correspondence should be taken to the Registrar’s Office in person (300 Tory Building) to fill in a conflict request form. Note: an arrangement to complete missed labs without any access to the TA or instructor is insufficient to permit conflict. A conflict between two courses with overlapping lectures will not be approved unless one of the instructors is willing to provide extensive accommodation (in forms similar to the lectures, lecture notes alone are not sufficient)

Registration Error - Override Request

When attempting to add a course, you may encounter a Registration Error; this happens when you do not meet the registration criteria set out by the department.

If you feel that you meet the registration criteria, you can submit a registration override request through Carleton Central to ask for permission to register in the course.

You may also submit a registration override request if you need to register in restricted sections of a course, laboratory, or tutorial, or if you are seeking permission to register in a course for which you lack the prerequisites. The Override Request can be found on the Add or Drop Classes page in Carleton Central.

Each override request is reviewed by the department offering the course. To check the status of your request, click the Review Course Registration Override Status link under Registration in Carleton Central’s Main Menu.

Note: you will only have access to submit an override request once your time ticket has opened.

For a how-to video, please click here